Author Jarrid Cantway
Author Jarrid Cantway


Weekly Update

September has been busy for me! Over the past month, I’ve connected with several past winners of the Writers of the Future Contest, networking, emailing, and asking for their knowledge. 36 winners have contributed over 16,000 words of advice. On Sep. 21st, I became a First Line Reader for DreamForge Magazine. I can now add “Editor” and “First Line Reader” to my bio.

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Weekly Update: Writing Contest

Today (Thursday, June 30th, at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time) is the last day for 2022 third quarter submissions to the Writers of the Future Contest (#WotF). If you’re unfamiliar with writing contests, next week I’ll be sharing an article focusing on everything you need to know about fiction writing contests.

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You Are a Writer

A Pep talk for writers. When writers make their first attempts at the craft, there comes a moment in time when they have to decide, regardless of whatever else they may be, that they are a writer…

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Why Blog?

One of the first things to decide when considering blogging is: Why? It’s no secret that blogs attract organic website traffic while allowing authors to connect with readers and keep them updated, but whatever your reasons, it’s essential to ask…

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Author Jarrid Cantway


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