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September has been busy for me! Over the past month, I’ve connected with several past winners of the Writers of the Future Contest, networking, emailing, and asking for their knowledge. Last week, I finished the WotF Slush Pile Article with Kary English.

This week I hope to finish the How to Win the WotF Contest Article. My soft deadline is Saturday, the 23rd, 2022, but I will publish it ASAP. I’m approximately 50% finished. 36 writers have contributed over 16,000 words of advice. This means I’m also compiling around 200 website links.

On Sep. 21st, I became a First Line Reader for DreamForge Magazine. Currently, DreamForge is open to speculative fiction short story submissions from 09/22/2022 to 10/15/22. I have 34 days to slush through at least 25 stories for the submission period.

DreamForge Magazine publishes two print issues per year from stories compiled from the quarterly online/digital issues of DreamForge Anvil (online and digital eBook version of DreamForge Magazine). DreamForge Anvil delivers guest articles on writing by author Wulf Moon, and goes behind the scenes with line edits of select stories, showing how tales go from the first to the last draft!

I can now add “Editor” and “First Line Reader” to my bio.

Preview of contributors:
  1. Desmond Astaire
  2. Zack Be
  3. Lazarus Black
  4. Devon V. Bohm
  5. Z. T. Bright
  6. Eneasz Brodski
  7. Carrie Callahan
  8. John M Campbell
  9. Elizabeth Chatsworth
  10. David Cleden
  11. Vida Cruz
  12. Preston Dennett
  13. Andy Dibble
  14. Jonathan Ficke
  15. Sara Fox
  16. Amy Henrie Gillett
  17. David Hankins
  18. N.V. Haskell
  19. John Haas
  20. Jim C. Hines
  21. Storm Humbert
  22. Mica S. Kole
  23. Corry L. Lee
  24. Barbara Lund
  25. Jake Marley
  26. Wulf Moon
  27. Brittany Rainsdon
  28. Matthew S. Rotundo
  29. Rebecca Treasure Schibler
  30. Martin L. Shoemaker
  31. Elise Stephens
  32. Eric James Stone
  33. Mike Jack Stoumbos
  34. Luke Wildman
  35. Chris Winspear
  36. Brandon Case
  37. Alex Fox

As a reminder, the 4th and final quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest (#WotF) Vol. 39 ends on 30 September 2022.

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